The Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) definition:

A partnership between communities, philanthropists, corporate donors, and local organisations (e.g. businesses, civil society organisations), local authorities, and national funders that brings together resources in a collaborative way to benefit the community/ies in a defined geographic location. They will ordinarily be led by a local authority, a charitable trust or a community anchor organisation, such as a council for voluntary services. The schemes will engage communities as donors and volunteers, and also crucially as partners with a voice in what priorities and projects the scheme supports, promotes and funds.”

Place based giving can take many forms and there are many schemes across the country, each one has a different approach. Sometimes schemes choose to focus on geography whilst others identify a ‘community’ formed through other common themes Culture, LGBTQ, homelessness, youth, unemployment etc.

Our values are: 

Turning investment inwards towards the city

Bringing people, ideas and energy together

Minimising waste: time, money and resources

Valuing everyone's contribution

Raise, challenge, inspire and shine 

Find out more about our values in the our values explained document or contact us for more information.