What are you hiding?

Relax! We’re not asking you to reveal your deepest darkest secrets.

The Totally Stoked team just want to remind you that we can all help others in so many ways, by making use of our assets.

What are your assets?

They may be personal assets such as your knowledge about a particular subject, or your time. So, perhaps you could become a volunteer – maybe a Door2Door driver helping a housebound person get to doctors’ appointments or to the hairdressers. Perhaps you could dig a garden or chat with someone on the phone, so they don’t feel so lonely or isolated. Have a look in your loft or store cupboard – you may have items that others could make better use of than you. Consider making a donation to a small local charity, they find it harder to market themselves compared to the big locals and national charities.



Give us your unwanted equipment & materials! Please use our simple GIVING form on our Totally Stoked website to tell us what you have and where it needs collecting from.

If your organisation NEEDS resources:  You can make a request on our online REQUEST SUPPORT form and keep looking on the @TotallyStokedGiving Facebook page where we post items that need urgent collection.


Do you have specialist skills –  Skills that would help other organisations to take a step-up?  Don’t be shy about it  – why not blow your own trumpet and tell us about yourself. We could put a call out to our partners in the community and ask if skills like yours would be useful right now. Don’t be disheartened if nobody comes forward straight away though – sometimes its just a matter if timing.

Simply use the  GIVING form and we can put that offer out there for local groups to tap into.


If you would like to support a local charity – think about the small organisations and the ones working in your local community and positively affecting the lives of people you know. We have another post that you may like to read about local charities and the support that they need. Read more here


Volunteering can make a great difference to someone else and help change your life too.

Our local Door2Door service provides housebound, elderly, and vulnerable people with those essential journeys that we often take for granted like going to the doctors, chiropodists, or dentist for appointments but also really important hospital appointments for regular lifesaving treatment.  Door2Door is always looking for volunteer drivers who can help. You don’t have to commit to big chunks of your time, just let Margaret and Sheila know when you are available and if any bookings come in for those times she’ll get in touch and give you the call.

It all depends on when you are free and when people need help, so the more people Margaret and Sheila have in their bank of volunteers the easier it is to match a request for help to an available driver.

Maybe your business or organisation has drivers on furlough who could help out. As long as they have their own vehicle and fully insured ( or maybe you can give them access to your organisation’s vehicle) 

The difference volunteering can make to someone’s life can be seen in this great story we found on the Charity’s Today website, involving one of our local charities, and partners in Totally Stoked, Emmaus Furniture Mine based in Hanley. 

So … what are you hiding? … and what are you waiting for. Get in touch.

Email Hello@totallystoked.org.uk