Unitas, the city council’s repair and maintenance company, carries out repairs and maintenance for more than 17,500 homes and approximately 600 public buildings across the city. We maintain and improve our stock through planned investment and efficient maintenance.

Our six strategic priorities are:

  •  Understanding our asset base.
  • Working with our customers.
  • Enhancing the asset value through investment.
  • Ensuring cost effective and efficient service delivery.
  • Compliance with statutory obligations.
  • Adding local social value.

Why we are #TotallyStoked

Unitas is part of Totally Stoked because we want to create a positive local impact and provide opportunities within the communities that we operate. Our community is important to us; we want to improve the lives of our residents, to increase opportunities and to make Stoke on Trent a more vibrant place to live and work.

We raise money to support local charities and have a Helping Hands fund which enables our local communities to apply for funding to help them to make a change in their local area.

We are committed to continue working with our contractors and supply chains to ensure that they deliver their CSR commitment so that local communities benefit.

We have recently worked in partnership with our painting and maintenance contractor, Hankinson Group and The Hubb Foundation to provide over 500 meals to children during the February half term holiday across nine schools within our City. We funded £400 from our Helping Hands Fund and Hankinson Group staff raised £400 to fund the meals as part of our social value contribution.

We have carried out a Portable Appliance Test, free of charge, for VAST so that a local resident could use a laptop that had been donated to them safely. This social value contribution was £60.