Members of the Totally Stoked partnership are pleased to announce Totally Stoked Digital.


As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, some Voluntary and Community sector groups across Stoke-on-Trent found the switch from face-to-face activities to online activities difficult. They have struggled to remain in contact with their teams or service users. This has been for several reasons including lack of technical equipment, appropriate software, skills, support, or confidence with technology.

Groups contacted VAST for support and this resulted in the formation of a small project group who sought a way to help these organisations. Our project partnership has secured some Covid 19 emergency funding from the National Lottery Fund with the aim of closing the digital gaps.

The Plan

Funding covers a six-month programme of work for the following three key areas:

1 Physical, digital space.

We have set up two well-equipped, physical spaces at The Dudson Centre in Hanley. These rooms are accessible and can be booked by VCSE organisations, in the same way as any other meeting or training venue.
The spaces provide hardware, software, and connectivity for groups to run online meetings and activities.
The rooms are serviced spaces where the risks of Covid-19 are managed. They, therefore, offer the option for a group host to broadcast an online meeting from the room.

The VCSE organisations can make use of the Zoom licence that is also in place as part of the project’s provision.

2 Training & Information.

We’ve partnered with WEA, TPD Digital and Kiln Creative. They will provide training and support materials for VCSE groups who need additional help with digital technology and reaching their group members online.

Free Prize Draw

Have a go at our Quick Quiz to add to the project’s body of knowledge:

Totally Stoked Digital Quick Quiz

Anyone who returns a completed Quick Quiz will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning some tech for their group.

We have sent out a Quick Quiz to find out what level of information is required by groups.  We anticipate that some will be right at the beginning of their digital journey and others will need some top-up type information to help them reach people more effectively.  Training and resource materials will be tailored to suit the local needs.

3 Volunteer Tech Buddies

Through our work with the Stoke-on-Trent Together Covid -19 response, we became aware of people who want to offer their time to support people with digital and technical progress. 

In response to this, and to support the use of the physical and training resources, we have recruited volunteer tech buddies to work alongside people who need technical support. 

The volunteer buddies will be trained and supported by VAST through the project period.

The Outcomes

At the end of the project we will have:

  • Bookable, digitally equipped rooms
  • A selection of needs-driven training and resources
  • A small team of volunteer tech buddies
  • An initial group of “tester” organisations who are functioning digitally to connect and maintain contact with their members.


Our project partnership has representatives from Vast, WEA, TPD Digital, Beth Johnson Foundation, Father Hudson, YMCA