Supporting Arts in Your Community

In the first week of the Totally Stoked website opening we had a request for support from Kath at B arts, a local arts organisations on Hartshill Road, in Stoke town.

B arts simply needed some soft safety mats for their Space to Connect event on Saturday 22nd February. We put out the call and emailed some partners and community contacts.

One of the partners, All the Small Things CIC who organise the ‘Got It Want It’ events and ‘1000 Lives Network’ put a shout-out on their Facebook group @1000LivesChampions

A member of the group, Lisa Donovan, a local artist who runs an arts-based project in Middleport jumped to the call and got in touch. The local arts project, Middleport231, was more than happy to donate some mats they had going spare to a fellow arts organisation.

“I’m an artist so I’m aware of the great stuff B Arts do. I run an arts-based project here in Middleport Middleport231 with studios and arts library.”

The mats were previously used, but perfectly acceptable, and after we linked the two organisations together, Kath and pals from B arts went to collect the mats and get them ready for their event that weekend.

We checked up with Kath this week to see if the mats were useful – here is what she said.

They were great and yes we used them! This is just one area of our huge ‘middle space’ where we had lots of activities going on. We actually added some of our big cushions to the space, which created a multi-use space, so for little babies and toddlers it was a nice crawl and bounce area, and it became a comfy chill zone for the slightly older children later on.”

B arts would like to make a few more of these soft areas at the Space to Connect events and Kath said “If anyone has anymore that we could keep that would be great.“  So if you can help and have got some spare mats, similar to these in the photo,  that you are willing to donate, please use our easy to use “Make an Offer” form on our website and we can help you to connect and make a difference.

Kath added how important they would be, “They will help with Space to Connect events moving forward by creating a comfortable soft area for babies and toddlers to have a crawl and a bounce, and for slightly older children to sit and use it as a comfortable chill out space in-between activities.”

The event was well attended and full of creative happenings including the Entrepreneurs team showing folks how to be print makers. There are more Space to Connect events planned for 14th & 28th March.  Check out our events page for these and other community events

Are you on Facebook?

Search for @BArtsStoke and check out their work and events page too, find out more  about @Middleport231  and make friends with All the Small Things CIC @AtST … and find us at @TotallyStokedGiving of course!

Great work everyone  –  Creative people helping creative people!

Together #wearetotallystoked


Author: Deborah Nicklin. 27.02.2020

Photo by Chris Twigg