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Our Liability

Totally Stoked Is a project of registered Charity VAST Services (1920) Registered Charity Number 1049663 . Totally Stoked acts as a broker by putting people and organisations in touch with each other to exchange services, resources, equipment advice, physical help, and other support.

We do not charge for this exchange service.

We encourage all parties to make exchanges, meetings, swaps, volunteering opportunities and donations as safe and low risk as possible.

VAST do not accept any responsibility for any financial, physical or emotional distress caused through communicating with other parties or accepting resources, equipment, advice, facilities or other support that may not be fit for purpose, damaged, broken, dangerous or inaccurate.

We do not accept any liability for any advice or communication received by a third party that may be false, inaccurate or cause distress or any actions that you undertake independently that put you, your family or loved ones, or your property at risk.

We advise against:

  • unaccompanied face to face meetings to exchange goods or services,
  • giving a third party your personal contact details or personal address.
  • accepting equipment that is dangerous, broken or damaged.
  • using advice and resources before checking that they are trustworthy, up-to-date or accurate.

We do not condone any violent, abusive or disrespectful behaviour of any kind and we reserve the right not to engage with anyone who puts our staff, volunteers, partners and users at risk.

When receiving resources:

  • We cannot act as a storage facility by accepting any equipment of resources for a third party to collect at a later date (this is to avoid our facilities becoming cluttered with uncollected items)
  • Once donated the items become the property of the recipient and can-not be reclaimed unless it was specifically stated in advance that the item was on loan
  • If any items are left on our premises or at one of our events, we reserve the right to donate or reallocate them to another cause.