Middleport Matters Community Trust

Middleport Matters Community Trust We passionately care about Middleport. We want to see it become a safe, thriving and welcoming place for everyone. We work towards improving our environment and empowering residents and businesses to create positive change.

Our priorities are

  1. To bring people together and improve a sense of belonging.
  2. To improve the health and well-being of local people.
  3. To improve the built and natural environment and enhance the local reputation.
  4. To support local businesses and encourage employment and enterprise.

Why we are #TotallyStoked

Middleport Matters Community Trust is part of Totally Stoked to help build a community networking across Stoke on Trent, working within partnership to promote one Stoke.

For more information about us please contact:
Phone 01782817590
Email info@middleportmatters.co.uk