Honeycomb Group

Honeycomb Group is here to create a vibrant future for our neighbourhoods.

Our team of social-minded brands: Staffs Housing, Revival, Concrete and Glow, champion happy homes across the region by providing essential services and support. We’re Stoke-born, regionally bred and proud to be local.

Our priorities are:

  • Keeping people safe, sound and secure in their homes
  • Fighting for people to have and sustain homes
  • Building, letting and selling affordable homes
  • Repairing and improving homes

Honeycomb Group is part of Totally Stoked because of a shared passion for our local community.  We’re excited to work together to create new partnerships, ideas and activities which will create a buzzing region that people are happy to call home.

For more information about us please contact:
Email: Hello@honeycombgroup.org.uk
Telephone: 0330 094 8878
Website: www.honeycombgroup.org.uk