Does your organisation need some support?

Maybe your group is considering looking for funding, perhaps you are looking for equipment, furniture and materials, or need to pay for a professional service like a new website or getting a new boiler installed. You may be wondering how to get your team trained in a new set of skills, or perhaps you just need some volunteers to help decorate a room, tidy garden, or someone to help you in the café. We can also help you to get mentoring and advice from other community organisations and professionals.

Totally Stoked could also help you to cut the costs on a funding application before you send it by you finding alternative local resources.

Totally Stoked can help you get access to all kinds of things that could make a difference to your group and the work you do.
We can help you access the following:


We seek requests from inspiring local organisations working to positively change the lives of residents in Stoke-on-Trent.

Please take a look at our Criteria and Guidance to find out more or fill in our Request form