Who Can Request Support?

The Totally Stoked scheme provides support to organisations in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Totally Stoked will support organisations whose work directly benefits people in Stoke on Trent.  You must be able to demonstrate how your work is supporting our local communities. We don’t need to know each street you work in, but we will be interested to know which of the six towns you are supporting.

What Totally Stoked Will Support.

Totally Stoked supports projects and organisations that are:

  1. Building a Richer Voluntary Sector
  2. Creating a Caring and Sharing Environment
  3. Supporting Healthy and Happy Communities

To do this, we expect your activities to focus on at least one of our key values:

  • Turning Investment Inwards Towards the City.
  • Bringing People, Ideas and Energy Together.
  • Minimising Waste: Time, Money, Energy and Resources.
  • Valuing Everyone’s Contribution
  • Raise, Challenge, Inspire, Shine.

What type of things can you ask for?

There are 4 areas of support that you can request:  

  4. MONEY

You are not restricted to one - you can ask for things in all the categories.  For more ideas about what is included in the different categories please see our full Criteria and Guidelines.

How long does it take to get the resources?

We don’t have a set timeline as it depends on what you are requesting.  If you are looking for one item, we may be able to find it for you in a few days.  If you have a long list of equipment or need someone with skills and time to commit to your project, it can take longer.  We advise that you get your request to us as soon as you can.

After you receive support

All groups will be asked to provide a short evaluation a few months after they have received the resources requested. We do this because we want to promote the good work that you do, and by having some evaluation of the impact that the support has made, we can help to highlight the benefit that your group makes to the local community.

The Spirit of Totally Stoked

If your organisation makes a ‘request’ for support from Totally Stoked, we would like to see that you make an ‘offer’ back to the scheme at some point keeping the spirit of Totally Stoked.

For our full Criteria and Guidelines click here.