Totally Stoked works across whole city, not just one small area, and its core aim is to strengthen the voluntary and community organisations working hard in all our local communities to reduce the varied issues that are affecting people.

Totally Stoked aims to turn investment and people power inwards towards the city.

Local people and businesses in Stoke-on-Trent regularly ‘give’ to charitable causes. They take part in fundraising events and donate their financial achievements to charities, but they often choose the big national and global charities.

Local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations need to be strong enough to survive financially and grow, not just ‘making ends meet’, so they can support local people when they need them most.

Totally stoked connects people to their communities.  It connects people, groups organisations and businesses together within the communities in which they are located.

Together we can find the varied resources, in a sustainable way, that community groups and charities are crying out for.

Totally Stoked is not a replacement or rival to the existing excellent work already being undertaken by our colleagues in the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector and the communities they serve, in fact it aims to work alongside these and help to create strong links to benefit the work of all.

We firmly believe that everyone has something to give.

We want to encourage people, organisations, groups and businesses to think about how we can all share our time, skills, knowhow, facilities, resources and equipment – so Totally Stoked can match the requests for support coming in from the community.