COVID-19 Guidance

As the impact of COVID-19 increases, we are aware that many local residents and organisations may need additional support and assistance over the coming months.
Please visit:  Stoke-on-Trent Together - our COVID-19 Support Network.

Totally Stoked is an exciting opportunity for the city to explore a new way of resourcing local social action in a sustainable manner. The scheme will add value to the wealth of activity already underway within our City, stimulating new ideas and partnerships to make a real impact upon communities and the lives of our residents.

We firmly believe that everyone has something to give. We want to encourage people into thinking about how they may be willing to share their time, skills, knowhow, facilities, resources and equipment - so we can match their offers to the requests for support from the community.

Make a request

Does your community organisation need some support?   

Maybe your group is considering looking for funding,  perhaps you are looking for equipment, furniture and materials, or pay for a professional service like a new website or getting a new boiler installed. You may be wondering how to get your team trained in a new set of skills, or perhaps you just need some volunteers to help decorate a room or tidy garden, or just one person to help you in the café.

Make a donation

Everyone has something to give and every contribution matters.

People and businesses can make a big difference by investing their talents, time, energy and resources into Totally Stoked so that it can be shared with others…  and their money too, if they have any to spare. We provide easy ways to support local communities, like making a simple online donation, donating a piece of furniture or volunteering our time and skills.

Take a look at our request form and ask for whatever you need.



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